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Over the years, Chanel has become a multinational brand only affordable for rich people. What many buyers don't know is that this brand started at the bottom, by a poor, feminist woman: Gabrielle Chanel. A fierce woman who had nothing, but a strong vision that she was willing to fight for. 

''Fashion should liberate the female body. We, as women, should take off our corsets and ride a horse, in pants, like men do. We should dress up simple, and stay classy and fabulous. Let our beauty speak for itself, without feathers and corsets.''

As a counterpart of Chanel's current image, I took the most known symbol of Coco: the pearl. I began to search for a symbol that suits the original vision of Gabrielle Chanel better. This project takes Chanel back to where it's supposed to be. Back to basic. 

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