greenpeace stops.png

The planet is dying, and many people think that changing their own habits, 'the habit of only one person', will never make a difference. Many of us think: ''organizations like Greenpeace will do their job, they have a much bigger voice. Me being vegetarian won’t change a thing.''


It made me think about what would be needed for people to actually start feeling responsible for their own behavior, and the harming of the planet. Spreading news about Greenpeace that stops will shock people. Because if Greenpeace won't save us, then who will?


I wrote this poem about the earth, because it deeply hurts me what we’re doing to her. I think it’s easy to forget that she’s the one that gave us life. Many of us are all blinded by being part of this busy city-life, focused on making money and building a strong ego.


This is written as a little reminder to all of us, Mother Earth is what we should take care of. Whether Greenpeace stops, or not.