Concept, Design, Art Direction

Maxime Wijnant
Sander Coers


Chloë de Witte

Izzy Wu Ramos

Nazli Inci

Every year 50 Dutch girls get circumcised. They are being kidnapped by their own families, to cut away their impure and diabolical body part.


Nobody really knows or talks about Female Genitale Mutilation (FGM) in the Netherlands. It's completely illegal but there's no special legislation for it. These panties are designed to raise awareness for this subject. Make this something we see, know, and talk about. So the girls, threatened by being mutilated, aren't afraid to speak up or get help. Before it's too late and their lips are closed up. Forever.

50 Panties were designed with a zipper placed below the vagina. These 50 items represent the Dutch girls that are still being mutilated yearly.


The panties are for sale and the proceeds go to FSAN. FSAN is a foundation that is fighting against FGM in the Netherlands. 

By buying one of these statement-objects you support mutilated women, by saying that we can discuss this huge problem. You help to raise awareness. And you get to understand yourself, while wearing the pantie, how it must feel to get your stitches 'unzipped' when you're about to have sex, or when you're giving birth after your mutilation.


Soraya Mire about FGM

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All texts and illustrations are designed by Maxime Wijnant