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In collaboration with

Amber van der Ham

This spread was designed for the yearly NRC Charity Awards. The briefing was to raise awareness for the nerve-racking disease Multiple Sclerosis, also known as MS.


The cause or solution for this disease is still unknown, and there's no cure yet. Research is necessary, and therefore: money is needed. Another big problem is that not many people know or fully understand what MS actually is. The fact that it isn’t visible on the outside of the body brings along many psychological problems for people with MS. It’s not taken seriously. The most important goal of the spread is to make people experience what it's like to suffer on MS. Something as 'easy' as reading a newspaper can be a big challenge for someone with MS


'Experience what it's like to have MS. Join the #MSPaperChallenge'

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MS is a nerve-racking disease that causes neurological disorders such as power loss. The symptoms of the disease vary from person to person. And also the course of the disease differs per person. This makes it so difficult to diagnose and understand MS.