Maxime Lucia (she/her) identifies as intersectional feminist creative.


'My projects are a mixture of fashion, activism and political statements. The main goal is to fight for women’s rights and create places for women in leading positions. I want to move people by opening up conversations about taboos on an emotional but substantiated way. Research is a very important element of all projects since the topics being touched are often very private and intimate and still highly loaded with feelings of shame, vulnerability or preconceptions. I fight for equality and speak up as feminist, activist, artist and designer to create a better future of freedom for all my sisters around the world.’

Please feel free to e-mail me whenever you feel like a talk and some coffee.

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Bachelor of Arts - Autonomous Advertising, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam

Exchange semester - Spatial and Exhibition Design, Universität der Künste Berlin



Hier Besta Ik

Museum Tot Zover, Amsterdam

18.02.2018 - 11.03.2018

Public performance 'Is My Body Mine Or Yours'

Pariser Platz, Berlin


Embodied Peripheries

Medienhaus, Berlin



Creative Intern, concept developer and copywriter at Glow Berlin


Bachelor Research Award

Drempelprijs Autonomous Practices